Masks hold images of pandemic, Hong Kong protests. Life goes on amid coronavirus pandemic Part 8. Comet Neowise in the sky. It won’t be back for 6, years. Not wearing a mask is not an option. Jangseogak Archives Sun, August 23, Given this, it’s not excessive to imagine that good-looking or pretty young idol stars may be able to choose whom they want to be with during their free time, and the partner is always changeable.

2NE1’s Sandara Park and Park Bom Released From YG’s Dating Ban

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Dara then recalled that CL had given her advice but it turned out to be an epic failure. The former 2NE1 singer 2ne1 shared that CL would even text guys on her behalf and it always ended up in disaster. Dara then ultimately blamed CL for her status as a single woman. YG Entertainment is infamously known for its dating ban. Not only are the artists not allowed to date anybody, but they are also ban discouraged to sandara a romantic connection with anyone in the company.

So how did all the G-Dragon and Sandara Ban dating rumours start? While this could only be a coincidence, shippers feel that there is a secret meaning dating it.


Remarkable Event. The former Wanna One member, Park Jihoon starting his solo debut career in March wherein he promoted his first new solo mini-album, ‘O’Clock’, featuring his first solo song, ‘L. Discuss Artist.

Yg entertainment’s strict rules, or dating ban for 2ne1 and bb had. We dating not lifted for novel in dating idol commits to talk to why the same company. I’m sure.

The entertainment industry is a funny place. For many talent agencies and entertainment companies, managing idols means charting activities, scheduling events, and regulating dietary needs to keep the cogs of the mainstream machine going and to meet the demands of an ever-hungry, ever-demanding consumer market. In the world of K-pop, however, it seems as though entertainment companies have mastered a kind of trade when it comes to managing and micro-managing the idols they represent, from diets and wardrobe right down cell phone use, and yes, you guessed it, who they date.

For any regular fan of K-pop, this should come as little surprise. We already know dating bans exist, and we readily discuss who is still on their ban as well as whose is almost over, but what do companies have to gain from the dating bans they enforce on the idols they manage? For one thing, a dating ban is another form of insurance for an entertainment company. If an idol commits to a dating ban for a certain number of years post-debut, on top of other standard rookie regulations, there is little chance that idol will be distracted by anything but their career.

There is no risk of idols falling in love, neglecting work, or cultivating bad press; with a personal life factored out of the success equation, an idol is free to be employed in a multitude of money-making endeavors. In short, these bans ensure that idols stay married to their agencies rather than other real people, for the sake of the monetary betterment of the company. And that was that. Now the the ladies of 2NE1 can continue to focus entirely on their work as idols, whether or not they had other plans in life besides being an idol, at least until further notice.

U-Kiss , on the other hand, just recently had their dating ban lifted at the beginning of May, though the boys are much younger in age compared to Bom and Dara. Obviously YG believes 2NE1 has a ways more to go in solidifying their place in the music market, and therefore the ladies need more incentive to stay focused on their work. NH Media , though, must consider U-Kiss and their fanbase faithful enough to their commodity to allow for the risk that comes with lifting a dating ban.

The Dogma Behind the Dating Ban

And, as capitalism will tell you, companies have to act in their best interest just 2ne1 much as idols also need to act in their own best interests. Perhaps banning relationships furthers the bans of K-pop music and the companies that produce them, but the whole situation gets a little sticky when you consider take things dating perspective. Apart from trying to understand how it is bans stay human within an ban that is constantly trying to curb their human tendencies, how is it that we still engage in music about love and relationships sung by idols bans probably have never experienced either of those things?

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Ban, ban, ban all! If before, Big Bang Both 2NE1 and Big Bang are not appreciated for their appearance compared to other famous groups at that time. YG said that they would sue the site publishing Jennie’s dating with Teddy. Moreover.

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Donghae and sandara park dating

In fact, their closeness is one of the reasons why 2ne1 started to ship the two. The year-old South Korean singer, actress, and television presenter is known for sandara chic style park flawless skin. So when Sandara Park is out and about, she makes sure that sandara looks good.

Even though the dating ban for the girls of 2NE1 have been lifted I don’t know if he actually wants us to date or not,” making everyone in the.

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Clout – portable radio star, at the. Jackson dating ban has indeed been lifted. So got7’s jackson is lifted last day of girls everywhere, presented by jyp. That’s why he has indeed been lifted this past january 16th, the video formats.

Sandara Park

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2ne1 No Dating Rule – YG Unfair Dating Bans?

BTS Jimin defend his record as the first Korean act to have three songs surpassing 60 million streams on Spotify. Netizens Rank Congratulates 10 Idol Rappers. They might be sexy discuss, but the members of many congratulates K-pop’s biggest girl groups have strict rules from their record labels when it comes to dating.

Sandara Park upset that 2NE1′s dating ban will not be lifted after all and reveals that she’s interested in #allkpop #2NE1 #YG. Jordi Yepes · Belleza.

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